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title pic A 200 Carat Black Diamond Tennis Chain For Boys – Wow!

Posted By Luana on April 12, 2014

14K Solid White Gold Mens Black Diamond Tennis Chain 200.00 CtwMen can be notoriously difficult to shop for, but so far my Simone hasn’t shown any of those typical ‘men’¬† shopping difficulties. Actually, he really loves anything I like to buy him, whether that’s a USB flash drive or a little notebook. He’s so precious, isn’t he? :love:

Oh the other hand, there are some men who are all about expensive stuff — branded watches, necklaces, etc.. Some of these items are pretty nice (if you’ve ever seen a collection of men’s jewelry, you’d know that) but if the girl’s budget is too low, there’s nothing you can do — he’s not gonna get the present. :-/

I have to admit that there are expensive jewelry items for men that have a reason for being uber expensive, but sometimes they might be even more expensive than what it looks. For example, up today is the white gold Men’s black diamond tennis chain for $47,259: this was marked down from $135,000.00, so this is a huge bargain compared to the original price!

You know what I mean. ^^

The total carat weight of this piece is a whopping 200 carats¬† – Wow! – and the composition of the chain is sophisticated yet modern. I think it’s nice to wear both casually or for an evening out. It looks versatile and hard to break, so I’m sure it will will get many years before you have to stop using it. LOL! Guess that makes up for the price. :)

The length of chain ranges from 22 to 40 inches, 3/8 inches in width, as well as the color of the gold — white, yellow or rose. Jewellers also offers black rhodium plating, which I think would look positively stunning with the black diamonds.

This is an Avianne&Co. expensive piece of jewelry, of course, and I think it would make a spectacular anniversary present to a celebrity’s special man. Imagine how thrilled he will be to see 200 carats worth of beautiful, sleek and stylish black diamonds on their anniversary, or for his birthday or any special occasion. :P Heheh.

Is there any piece you gave or would love to give your love for an anniversary or ANY other special occasion?

Thanks Ishiwong at!

title pic A Cute 14k White Solid Gold Pendant For Girls

Posted By Luana on April 7, 2014

My friend Caz made this beautiful link button for me! :D Thanks darling.

14K White Solid Gold Unique Womens Diamond Pendant 0.09 CtwSee that a stunning geometric piece here at my right? :)

Avianne&Co.‘s jewelers made it. *_*

Sorry to say, but I’ll never get tired of blogging about them. Just put together this square and diamond pendant beautifully — with diamond stones, too — at a price that can’t be beat — once $930, the pendant is now being offered in your choice of 14k white, yellow or rose gold for $310.

Pretty cool, right? :D

White gold looks the most stunning for this piece, though rose gold or yellow gold would provide an elegant, classy finish as well.

Keeping with a simple geometric concept, this cute white solid gold pendant has four diamonds forming the shape of a diamond in the center at the heart of this piece which is enclosed in a square made of your choice of colored gold.

Encompassing the square is a larger diamond shape, made also with the polished gold of your choosing. This piece is completed with a bale that serves function as well as style; it is lined with four small diamonds and will hold fast to any chain you choose to showcase your new pendant.

The total karat weight of the diamonds comes in at .09 ctw and the entire piece weighs in at .9 grams. I have to say it is a very substantial yet delicate design.

I think the piece is perfect for wearing in the office, on weekends or nights on the town, as there is plenty of versatility in this pendant. You could actually dress it up or down from glamorous to casual and this piece will still shine and be the talked about centerpiece of your wardrobe.

This is not a terribly expensive purchase if you account of all the different ways there are to wear it. It’s one of those pieces you can enjoy for years, I believe.

Do you like geometric shaped jewelry? :) Have any to let me know about?

Thanks Ishiwong at!


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