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title pic Domains, Coupons and A Crazy Head. Yep, That’s Me! :)

Posted By Luana on July 19, 2014

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of All opinions are 100% mine.

If you check my Archives, there’s a post about the reasons that led me to buy and mantain over 200 domains across the years.

My friends Georgie and Jhoice know how crazy I can get on that matter. ;) Thing is — it’s not really about going crazy about domains or developing a compulsive obsession for digital shopping.

Domain name extensions! w00t!

No, it’s more about imagination.

Look at the navbar above — under the main navigation menu for, I have another bar with ‘Featured Characters’ and ‘W.I.P. Characters’ — that is, character blogs (role-play) where I let my imagination run wild and create new universes.

Don’t think I spend that much. I don’t.

I don’t because I make massive use of coupon codes at any registrar I run into. ;) Just to bring an example to the table, every time I get an idea for a new character blog and I want to register a new domain, I load up DomainPromo (one of my favorites, really) and pick the best coupon at hand.

GoDaddy is not my favorite registrar, but I use it often for first-year registrations because its coupon codes make it very cheap. Right now, GoDaddy is offering a heck of a coupon at $1.99 for a new .COM domain! ;) There, that’s a kind of coupon I’d use right away for a character blog.

Code is cjc199 if you’re interested.

But it’s not just Characters…

Heh no. I have registered domains for several personal and work projects over the last two years. I don’t want to spoil W.I.P. stuff, but among the things there’s a free advertising community that will probably help bring some ethics back into the world of blogging. Not sure how it will go, but so far people I told about liked the idea.

For business, .BIZ domains look great. :) Right now, NameCheap has a sale for .BIZ domains:

Get .BIZ domain + Business email plan for only $1.99 for the first year

Also, both .BIZ and .US without additionals services cost $0.98.

If you had to buy business domains on a budget, wouldn’t you take advantage of offers like these? ^_^

And Ah, I don’t need coupon codes there. I’m a member of their Investor Club since I registered (and keep) 151 domains with them! :D

A bit of advice

Don’t buy domains on a whim — wait for a good coupon to be released before you purchase! You will save a lot of money and the return on investment (ROI) for the domain will be higher, whether that’s a name you need for business or for a personal project.

Question: How much did you spend on a domain name last time you bought one?

Photo credit: Widjaya Ivan on Flickr (Creative Commons 2.0)

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title pic An Amethyst Diamond Gemstone Ring I Wish I Could Wear as a Crown

Posted By Luana on July 16, 2014

It happens rarely to come across a ring that reminds you strongly of a princess’ crown. If you read through my Archives, you would notice that I mention princesses quite often in relation to jewelry, but so far I found no piece of jewelry that you could use as a crown if only it was bigger in size.

Well– until today, I guess. :)

Solitaire Oval Cut Amethyst Diamond Gemstone Ring in Solid Rose Gold

This is a ring I found among the Avianne & Co. listings for “Rings”. Look at the design — there are three rows of round cut diamonds that lead to the center of the ring where the jewelers set a gorgeous Amethyst gemstone. The Amethyst is held in a 4 prong setting, so it stays in place and it gives the ring a sturdy and elegant look.

I think there’s no reason not to fall in love. *_* This is a seriously amazing piece to wear with an elegant dress at a conference or a night out event.

The sweet Amethyst ring is perhaps the most charming among the rings listed at Avianne & Co. As you know, I’ve been reviewing — well, mostly writing up opinion pieces and letting out my feelings about them, actually — Avianne’s jewelry for quite a while, but only a few rings, pendants and necklaces won my heart.

Look at the image of this ring again. Then think about what I just wrote. Deduce. ;)

What do you think about “princess” rings and jewels in general? Do they match your style?

If they don’t, what’s your favorite style?

Thanks Ishiwong at!


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