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title pic A 14k Solid Gold Diamond Ring I Can Daydream About

Posted By Luana on March 15, 2014

14K White Solid Gold Womens Diamond Ring with Blue Diamonds 1.28 CtwMy 4th anniversary came on the 4th of March and it was lovely, no matter how sick I got (I had gastroenteritis). :love: I didn’t really want anything, just having my fiance by my side was more than enough to feel loved.

However, I like to imagine how it would be to spend an anniversary like a fairy tale princess, so I thought that Avianne&Co. might have some good daydream materials for me to use. ;) Heheh. All of their jewelry is gorgeous, of the highest quality, beautiful choices of metals and crystal clear diamonds.

The gift I was daydreaming about is the white and blue checkerboard diamond band from Avianne jewelers. You can see it here on the right. :)

This 14k solid gold diamond ring is stunning! And so sparkly, too. :D It has a substantial build and make to it, very bold and yet not overstated. You can choose my gold color, yellow, white or rose, and I feel this would look best in white gold as it is pictured on the site, but I also wonder how it would look in rose gold. I think it would go so beautifully with the rare blue diamonds that alternate and sprinkle between the white diamonds, all of which are flawless in clarity and the weight comes in at 1.28 CTW. The settings of the diamonds are an invisible, seamless double row of these gorgeous stones.

What a gorgeous, princess-perfect ring! x3 The perfect way to describe it would be “classy,” “elegant” and “refined.” I am especially fond of the seamless settings of the diamonds, there are no visible prongs in the two rows of blue and white diamonds, I think that is what makes this a classy, elegant and refined ring. This is a very fine piece of jewelry I would choose to wear to very special occasions, but it would also be suitable for everyday wear for business and could even be worn comfortably and beautifully with casual weekend wear. It is so versatile that there is nowhere you couldn’t wear this ring and not look so incredibly romantic. Seriously! :love:

I hope my Simone doesn’t mind it too much that I daydream of such things. :P LOL.

Thanks Ishiwong at!

title pic Sweet Heart Necklace With Diamonds From Avianne&Co. :)

Posted By Luana on March 5, 2014

14K Yellow Solid Gold Womens Diamond Heart Necklace 0.15 CtwHey babes! :) Let’s talk fine jewelry once again and how to get a great piece while minding your budget.

This beauty on the right is a multi-heart necklace with diamonds in your choice of black rhodium plate, yellow/white/rose gold. The necklace is solid gold and features a seventeen inch chain with a little drop that brings the total to nineteen inches, featuring little solid gold hearts and hearts filled with beautiful, brilliant dazzling diamonds. :love: You get a choice of yellow, white or rose gold or black rhodium plated for your chain and hearts.

Quite amazingly, Avianne&Co offers this heart necklace with diamonds $345.00 down from $950.00. :D This is a fantastic deal, over fifty percent off of its original price with no compromise or cut back on quality. The diamonds are of a high quality and clarity, and this is not gold filled; it is solid gold through and through! I think it would make a great gift for an anniversary for that special person in your life. Sounds too romantic? Uhm… maybe. But I am.

My personal preference would be rose gold. ;) I believe this is how the necklace would be most beautifully represented. Rose gold is gaining in popularity, but is still in its stages where it is a unique metal to wear. The diamonds sparkle their best and most clearly in rose gold and the contrast between gem and metal is simply dazzling!

This spectacular piece was a great deal at $950, so it is practically a steal at $345! Avianne&Co. has really outdone themselves with this eye catching piece that is sure to attract many compliments and start many a conversation.

Truly a special piece. Reminds me of the word ‘treasure’ and what it really means. :love:

Thanks Ishiwong at!


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