Not that skilled..

Posted By on October 27, 2008

I just came back home from Cristina’s, my best friend, and what she told me moved me to tears and got me thoughtful at once.. She says I’m a genius because I seem to have skills in several fields, and because I may be able to turn my love for robotics in a job… But honestly, I don’t feel up to it :( I don’t feel that great… I’m slow at maths and sciences; not bad, but slow.. and I don’t think slowness is a tolerated quality in that kind of faculty. I’m trying to become a pro web designer and maybe work for some companies someday, but robotics – along with comics – will always remain just a hobby. I may still try registering to a course in Engineering, but… wouldn’t it be a waste of money? God, I’m so confused right now ;_;

I’ve spent the afternoon studying 25 pages of Web Marketing manual (and downloading lessons from iTune U) and it got me a headache. I think it was because of the many new terms I had to read about; tomorrow I’ll have to try and memorize them all. Well, I know I can do it XD OF COURSE! I just hate migraines. Heh… But Web Marketing is a subject I enjoy and I’m sure I’ll do good :)

Anyways, this was totally amazing today! I got four $7 opps, for a total of $28! *_* Must be my blessed day! Yay!

I’m off to update my Characters’ websites now :P And those are undergoing SO many changes. Oh yeah ^^ LOL.

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5 Responses to “Not that skilled..”

  1. Jhoice says:

    I agree to uR bestfriend sis, I think u are genious:D hehe, Web marketing is sounds like a good subject to study anyway, but yeah migraines is just terrible, I am also slow in math btw~ hehe


  2. Kat says:

    Don’t down yourself, honey.
    I agree to her. You’re a genius.
    Me, too. I’m not good in Math.
    Feel good about yourself. :)


  3. kei says:

    aww.. being sLow in math doesnt necessariLy mean that you’re not great.. don’t down yourseLf.. you shine.. in many many ways; seen or unseen =) be proud of what you have..


  4. Cara says:

    kei’s absoluetly right, don’t down yourself you’re a genius well me too some say im genius but im bad in math. maybe ur just genius in some other way. :D


  5. charchar says:

    you’re great. you’re a geniuos. i suck at math, really and i mean it. hahaha! it’s really funny i always get d grades in math but annoying though! well, goodluck! and keep it up!


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