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1st Love Anniversary and NLH Saga Part 2

Written on March 10, 2011, Thursday, it was about Hosting, Life, Love, Rants, Updates and it received 7 comments

I’m willing to host every account that was formerly hosted by Nolimitshost.org and Nolimitshost.info, for FREE. I offer 2GB webspace + 100GB traffic, upgrades will be available soon, for a low fee. Email me at luana.spinetti@gmail.com if you need a ‘refuge’.

Hello babes. I haven’t been around for nearly a week, and I bet (some of) you know why. :D I was in Rome from March 3rd to March 6th to celebrate my 1st Love Anniversary. It was a wonderful time spent with my husband-to-be, hanging out together, eating at restaurants, cinema, a good walk, a hotel room just for us two… memorable. :love: Too good to be true? Yeah. ^^’ I caught a flu on the night of the 4th… the night of our anniversary. :bleh: Eek! I had diarrhea and stomach aches, and Simone… well, he was just the perfect husband. :love: He took care of me, assisted me, bought me medicines, and tolerated my irritability. Couldn’t I choose my man better? *_* He helped me until I took the bus to go back home, and there my parents came to pick me up at the bus stop, because I was too pale and weak to make it home alone.

But the bad stuff does not end there… I was back home, and Nolimitshost.info servers were gone! O__O I was still in the process of backing up and transferring everything to my new host (RewindHost, on which my boyfriend and I bought our master reseller, HostMyDreams.com) and I’m now in trouble again. I tried contacting Ems by phone, her server proprietor by email and support ticket, one of her admins, the server host of Nlharea.com as well! O_O NOBODY RESPONDED!!! I’m more and more shocked, and all I can do now (and the other NLH hostees as well) is transfer all sites with their old backups (from 2010) and retrieve the most recent contents from Google Cache and Waybackmachine.org. Big effort, huh? Even so, that’s my last chance. :( I hope my hubby-to-be and I get to develop our “superbackupper” soon, so that all of the backup process with multiple sites becomes easier (I’ll tell you more about this project when time comes).

Regarding other things, I discovered a service that offers real time weather images a low price. It works like GPS from what I read, but it shows the current weather in your place instead. Pretty neat, I must say. I wish I had one installed on my BlackBerry. XD

Luana Spinetti

7 Responses to “1st Love Anniversary and NLH Saga Part 2”

  1. Afef says:

    awwwwww you poor thing :( hope you’re much much better now!! at least being sick didn’t ruin your anni xxx :) our 6th is in a month! i cannot believe how time flies by sooo fast xxx
    Afef recently posted..Inspiration Source- Pastel Colours


  2. nadine says:

    God bless Luana! I hope your NLH problems will end soon :( I am pretty unlucky too I think, now I have problems with FH. LOL. Anyway glad your anniv went well except for the tummy problem partxD


  3. Riza says:

    Hi, I hope you are doing fine now. An upset stomach is always a bummer, whenever I’d have it I’m so irritable I didn’t want to talk to anyone.

    I also wanted to ask you about the hosting because I was also surprised my site was gone. I hope things work out again and I really do still wanted to get hosted :)

    Have a lovely weekend Luana!


  4. tiff k says:

    LUANA!! >:D< I DONT KNOW HOW TO THANK YOU SOO MUUCH!! I sent you another email by the way and finally am sort of fixing my site. LINKED YOU ALREADY! Wait where should I link you? I MUST GIVE YOU CREDIT!

    Still don't stress yourself out too much!! TAKE CARE!! Ugh i hate upset stomachs -_-


  5. Moni says:

    OMG sweetyyyy thats terrible. I was trying to delete my stuff on that server when I noticed the “poof, we are so gone” LOL but I hope you get all that sorted out. Try to tell your hostees to do their own backups every once n a while via mass emails. Thas what I do. =D


  6. Amanda says:

    Hiii hunn. Thnx for dropping by and thanks for the sweetest comment <3 . Congrats with your Anniversary! So you are REALLY engaged now? :D
    I am married for 1 year now (the 23th of March). And our babygirl her birthday is on the 3th of April. So she's 1 year this sunday. Time flies..
    It's nice to hear from you again and I wish you so much love, joy & luck in life. That all your wishes may come true also. <3
    Love, Amanda


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