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A few thoughts about tutoring (and mathematics)

Written on December 11, 2012, Tuesday, it was about Rants, School, Thoughts, University and it received 7 comments

School TutoringI have never taken enough advantage of tutors at my university.

Big mistake. Really.

I would have proceeded at a faster pace, get unstuck early on, get more study aid in addition to that provided by Simone and our classmates. Truly big mistake.

No need for help with English — because I’m a freelance writer — as much as help with learning math (because my background is nothing great in that area).

Yes, I find it hard to make connections between math definitions and theorems and their practical application. Sometimes it’s textbooks fault, some other times it’s teachers rushing over the topic; other times, though, it’s just my mind. I’m not used to think logically. I’m mostly a creative, I manipulate words and pencil lines pretty easily, but I do not so with mathematical abstractions.

It’s frustrating. :(

Simone always helped me find a way to visualize what I learn, and I’m very thankful for that. But sometimes it’s just not enough. For some reason, my brain resists the attempts at getting abstract concepts to flow smoothly among my neurons. LOL. Perhaps one day I will find a way out of that.

Because I LOVE mathematics. :)

And I will have to drag myself to take some tutoring course in basic mathematical thinking.

Even a Coursera course. It will do.

Actually, I was enrolled in a math thinking course at Coursera.org, but I didn’t get to finish the course because I was too busy with work and too depressed by other things. Heh, depression’s a nasty beast; it makes life harder to live. But that’s skip that (I’m not confortable with talking about my depressions).

There will be other courses. But I pray that my neurons finally open up to mathematical abstraction, this time.

Yes, I *pray* to God for that. Because it’s painful, more than you could imagine.

(Rant-ish, I know, but thanks for reading ’till here).

Luana Spinetti

7 Responses to “A few thoughts about tutoring (and mathematics)”

  1. Carrie says:

    I don’t take advantage of the tutors at my university either. I requested a tutor one time and I’ll probably never do it again. My school took forever to find someone who knew about accounting, and then after that, the tutor who came did NOT even specialize in that area! It was horrible! The whole entire time I was in class, all I heard was, “I think, I believe, I wanna say!” I CANNOT GO OFF OF AN ASSUMPTION! Lol.

    I suck at math. I still count on my fingers and I’m 21 years old. Accounting is torture! I’ll never fully understand accounting like I want to.

    Have fun!


    Luana Reply:

    @Carrie, I should have taken advantage of a few tutors in the past years that were also my teachers– and truly great people, too. But I was always too shy or too afraid to make a bad figure and I refrained from doing it. I regret it now. :(

    But YOUR tutor looks like an incompetent person! How could such a guy even get chosen to be a tutor?!? I wonder…

    I love Math but I suck at it, big time. I do count on my fingers too! XD Hehe, otherwise I will lose the numbers along the way. I’m also very, very slow.

    Never had Accounting in school but I wish I did… It would have saved me a lot of financial headaches now that I’m a freelancer. Ugh.
    Luana recently posted..My special OnionYum sandwich :P


  2. Lilpink says:

    Luana. I miss you babe. ^__^
    I love Math as well. It’s easier to understand than history. lol. ^____^

    How have you been? Will keep coming back to your blog starting now. ^___^


    Luana Reply:

    @Lilpink, I missed you too! ^_^

    I never liked History. Too many bad people doing bad things to the weakest. History is not a happy subject.

    I’m good. I’ve suffered from depression but I’m back to normal now. I always have ups and downs, but it’s no big thing. :)

    Thanks for visiting! You’re always welcome, sis. *hug*


  3. Kimeh says:

    I must be really honest with you, Luana. I excel in languages but never in Mathematics. I really hate it so much to the point of me wanting to drop all my math classes!

    Cheers to the new years!
    Kimeh recently posted..New Beginnings!


    Luana Reply:

    Do you really hate Math that much? O.O;

    I love it, but it’s hard. Oh, if it’s hard… It’s gym for your neurons. :P


  4. Kim says:

    I’m super late to comment on this. But I will anyway. Sorry to hear you too are/were battling some weird depression stuff. I feel like so many of us do and each time it feels so lonely, even though we’re all going through similar things. Hugs to you! Hope you are well. Anyway, there are many topics I hate, but I realized that I just hate it because I am not good at it like other people can naturally be ;) With hard work and practice though, I can eventually learn to love it.


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