A stressful week and small earthquake

Posted By on November 6, 2012

Such a stressful day! You know I adore my Characters’ blogs, but I’ve been rebuilding a gazillion and recovering or rewriting so many posts that I came down with a nausea. Ugh. X_X

I just watched a Star Trek TNG episode to relax, and had a lovely chat with my Simone and our daughter Mandi. Such a relief! Actually the whole week has been stressful for me. I have a backlog of work to get done, blogs to catch up with, some studying and new magazines to read in order to tailor pitches to send sometimes next year.

In the meantime, I did have a look at cute exterior shutters I could install when I get married and move to my temporary house– mom’s second house, adjacent to grandma’s. I don’t like the current shutters: they’re old, faulty and full of spiderwebs. O_O Eek! I have a spiderweb-phobia and it’s NOT fun. Anyway, I’d love to buy the shutters you can see here on the right. Cute, aren’t they? ^^

We had a small earthquake a few hours ago. About 2 points in the Richter magnitude scale. Just two seconds, but it wasn’t fun. I feared to get hit by the lamp above my head (yes, there’s a big one hanging from the living room ceiling, where I work). No big deal, though; it didn’t carry damage or deaths. It just startled us all a little.

Well, I’m better off to work so I can go to sleep by 1AM. Gawd.

Goodnight. :love:

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  1. Georgie says:

    Luana, I hope you’ve been well. I haven’t been doing the rounds and reading blogs… I hope you’re okay. <3

    I've been cleaning out my blog and simplifying things, so yeah… and I've had a lot of stressful times at school, so it's good that I'm finally on break and can catch up with what everyone is doing.

    I love sci-fi but I haven't watched Star Trek, perhaps it's time for me to!

    I don't like spiders but what I dislike even more are cockroaches. They disgust me more than scare me. I don't like that our house needs some cleaning too, the windows have accumulated spiders in the corners, eep!

    I'm glad the earthquake was nothing big. Take care darling :)
    Georgie recently posted..Big Big Mess


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