Entering 2013

Posted By on January 9, 2013

Hello boys and girls! :) How did you spend your Year Eve? And the Christmas holidays (if you celebrate them)?

Year 2013 arrived with good and bad things: new ideas for my fanworlds, a stronger bond to my sister and my fiancee, for the good side. Less money, an influenza (ugh!) and a hint of depression that I’m fighting back with as much strength as God permits. And alas, looks like I lost contacts with a few good friends. That really sucks, but I pray that one day our paths will meet again. You never know. :)

I wish I had funds to put up a display banner for my novels and fan-worlds. :) But it’s already hard enough to spare enough money for all the domain renewals and the little advertising I do (VERY little, because I mostly use the free options, you know) so I really can’t afford such a luxury.

Anyway, if you’re working on a budget that’s bigger than mine — but are unwilling to compromise on the quality of your display banner — a neat solution could be offered by MonsterDisplays.¬†Click this link to see an example. Trade shows are actually a big way to sell your products, so it’s important to pick the best possible display banner available to show off your wares. The best is that you can get live help if you need it and, if you are not available to take their calls, request a call back and a representative will give you a call. There is so much help offered on this site, and the prices are low enough that they won’t break the pocketbook. Follow this link to learn more.

Another thing: did you know Honey-Babe.net is turning 6 years old on March 21st, 2013? :love: Ahah, that’s true, babes. This blog and Sweet-Loves.net are two of the oldest domains I own. I hope I can see them turn ten years old one day. Seriously– and perhaps I’ll have a baby of my own on that day. Double celebration. ^_~

Happy 2013, sweethearts! See you around the Web. :D

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