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Word Finder… I could not program one!

Written on June 12, 2013, Wednesday, it was about Updates and it received 0 comments

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For how much I love programming, I never managed to go beyond a simple widget to display a text-only Alexa rank. And that's saying a lot, because my fiancé had to help me fix the script as it didn't work. Nope, I'm not good; a total beginner here. :P But you've got to start somewhere, right?

I just wouldn't be able to make a Word Finder tool with my current programming skills. Scrabble is a nice game but I'm afraid I can't contribute to it that way, so… I put up a premade widget here on Honey-Babe.net, under the Freebies page and the For Fun section. Like it? :)

Embed the code in your template (it's a 250×250 widget) and you're done. I wish I knew how to make one myself, though.

Created By Scrabble Word Finder

Here's how it works: you or your visitor input the pattern of a word you need to find for the game, for example, "????oma??", where "?" represent blank tiles. When you click the "Find Words" button, you'll get a list of potential words you can use.

It's pretty cute, to say the truth.

Have you ever tried to program a widget yourself? :)

P.S. This widget is a nice add-on to your personal website, especially if you have a Goodies or Visitor section. :) It helps 'fidelize' visitors and get more traffic, hehe.

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